Cam Affiliates FAQ - Frequently asked questions about webcam affiliate programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does it cost anything to join these programs?
No, all affiliate programs listed on this website are completely free to join.
You send them visitors and they pay you a commission.

Which webcam affiliate programs pay for free signups?
We have all of these programs listed on the following page:

$40 or more per sign-up? That sounds too good to be true.
What's the catch?

There's no catch, often the webcam site can make a lot more money from the lifetime of a new customer if they only have to pay you $40 once for sending that customer, compared to paying you a percentage of all revenue generated by that customer for the entire lifetime of their membership. Example: If you are on revenue share (the average rev-share is about 20% so we will use this amount for this example) and your referred new customer joins and spends $1,000 on the site in their first month; you would make $200, and continue earning 20% of all money spent by that customer, so by paying you a flat rate of just $40 per new member they are saving $160 in this example. Pay per signup normally means you get paid for new paying members only and not for anyone who signs up just for a free membership. Some programs do also pay for free memberships, see the question above for more about those.

What is better: pay per signup or revenue share?
See also above question. Revenue share is a better option if you send customers who join and spend a lot of money on the site. Some members have spent over $100,000 over the life time of their membership! If you were on 20% rev-share you would make $20,000 from one customer like that, that sure is a lot better than 40 bucks!

Which programs pay with Paypal?
None. Adult websites are not allowed to use Paypal but most programs offer alternative online payment options or check delivery.

What is the best webcam affiliate program?
We have the top programs listed on the main/home page. Adult Webmaster Empire is one of our favorite programs and is very popular with other webmasters, they accept new affiliates by invitation only, use following invite link to join:
Adult Webmaster Empire Affiliate Program Invitation Link

How can I make my own custom webcam site with my own logo?
This is known as white-label or co-branding, and several webcam companies now offer this as part of their affiliate programs, the service is available free to affiliate marketers. We have these programs listed on the following page: White Label cam sites

How do i become a cam model?

We have recently added job listings to webcam performers page for cam girls and potential webcam performers, this page has a lot of information about how to become a camgirl or webcam performer and includes applications for companies currently looking for more models for their websites.

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