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2009 News
Webcams Affiliate Program Launches White Label Tool.
August 30 2009

The Webcams affiliate team has been very busy adding a lot of great updated promotional tools to their affiliate program lately. The most exciting new tool is their brand new white label service which was launched earlier this month.

If you are not already familiar with white labels, here is how it works: You create your own logo, register your own domain name, and create a custom designed webcam site that appears and functions as it's own site, on your domain. White labels are basically custom scripted complete website templates designed specifically for affiliates to use.

To get started, sign in to your affiliate account, go to Promo Tools: Most Popular Tools: White Labels, then fill in all the details and set up your page layout, save, and change the CNAME/DNS record to point to at your web hosting provider - Depending on your website hosting provider, you may have to request this change via email support.

It's quick and easy to set up white labels. These type of pages convert much better and generate more repeat visitors than regular affiliate links - because people are signing up to your website and coming back to your domain instead of being sent to a different site. The best part is there is absolutely no charge to use this service! More details.

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